Introducing Our Empty Nester Brand!


"Where did the time go?" is a question that Selene and I regularly ask. It seems as though only yesterday that we were running a family taxi company, nearly freezing at early spring baseball games, assisting in laborious school projects or attempting to find a nearby 24-hour pharmacy (because fevers never really get cooking until after midnight).

We absolutely loved it!

…and now genuinely miss those times!

Now with one son launched and working in Florida and the second approaching the midpoint of his undergraduate college career, we may now officially refer to ourselves as Empty Nesters.

Yes, there are moments when we long for animated dinner conversations, hosting children's' birthday parties, and providing parental advice that suddenly channels the voice of your parents. "Where did that somewhat familiar string of words come from?"

So, for us, the more we discussed our new chapter in life, the more that we realized that the concept of an Empty Nest should be celebrated rather than ignored. Your wedding day, the births of your children, significant religious events, school graduations, etc., these events are all observed with much fanfare and festivity. Why should the day that the proverbial nest empties not be an event worthy of a prominent pushpin on the timeline of life?


Introducing the Empty Nester Brand.

To bring clarification, attention, and positive spin to the Empty Nester Movement, EYMER BRAND Laboratories + Think Tank has created a line of EMPTY NESTER BRAND and EMPTY NESTER LOUNGE products. At this time, we are featuring a range of apparel that includes T-shirts (long and short-sleeved), Hooded Sweatshirts, and various products soon to be released.

Please feel free to browse our current online product catalog. We also invite you to join our rapidly growing mailing list.


Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you! – Doug & Selene