I had the pleasure of working with Doug on a number of projects in the b2b, b2c and NPO space. He is great to work with, has an incredible sense of humor and a deep knowledge and understanding for marketing. He has continually leveraged his experience and creativity to deliver high value marketing programs that deliver results. He has a gift for making you think outside of your comfort zone in a no-nonsense, collaborative way- something few creatives do. I highly recommend Doug to anyone who's looking for a true marketing partner.

Kathleen Goodwin
VP/Senior Marketer. 

Doug is one of the best creative masters I have ever encountered. He understands business concepts, is smart and completes excellent work. I can explain a concept and when he returns with the finished art, I am always impressed - it's generally perfect. He comes through in a pinch and does it all with a great attitude and even some clever humor. I can not recommend Doug highly enough.

Kathy Stocker
Marketing Manager

Doug Eymer worked with me and my team in the launch of SilverStream, one of the first application server companies in the emerging web applications market. Since the market was still very early, we were faced with many challenges in explaining what we did, as well as garnering attention in a noisy market. By combining strong skills in collaboration, creativity and business sense, Doug played an integral role in helping to put SilverStream “on the map”. Doug provided that rare combination of great creative instincts with solid strategic thinking to help us achieve exceptional market traction, on budget and on time. His ideas and execution helped us launch several high-profile campaigns that stood out from the crowd, and gave SilverStream the exposure we needed to become a key player in the market. I strongly recommend Doug to any company looking for a marketing partner to help achieve excellent and measurable results. Doug would be an outstanding contributor to your team, just as he was for us at SilverStream.

Peter Brumme
Principal at Private Business

Doug meets my highest standards for a creative director. His conceptual thinking transcends any particular execution. While he's a brilliant designer, he's equally adept with words, a rare combination. He has also told me one of the funniest stories that I have ever heard. And I'm a huge fan of his groundbreaking web publication, Tiny Mind Gazette.

Phil Johnson
CEO at PJA Advertising + Marketing

I've worked with Doug for all my design work for more than a decade. First when I was VP marketing at NewsEdge, Doug did our corporate branding and annual reports. 

Then in my current work as an author and speaker, Doug has done all my work such as designing books, my sites, and my graphics. 

Doug's great to work with. That's why I keep coming back for more.

David Meerman Scott
Leading Marketing & Sales Speaker for Companies and at Conferences Worldwide

Doug is extremely creative, innovative, and brings a refreshing attitude to everything he does. Doug always delivers on time and on budget regardless of the challenges. His ability to adapt to different styles and preferences is outstanding and his work always stands out above his contemporaries. Mr. Eymer also donates a considerable amount of his personal time and expertise to charities and causes he is passionate about. Doug is a truly remarkable person and professional.

Steven Fusco
Senior Operations and Technology Executive


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Doug Eymer is a creator & builder.
HE absolutely loves what he does.

For the past 30+ years, Mr. Eymer has been designing: corporate marks (logos), corporate identity systems, printed collateral pieces (brochures), annual reports, websites, e-books, direct mail pieces and projects that require a unique creative direction. 

His portfolio includes examples of both online and offline sales and marketing communications pieces.

Doug is not a decorator.

In other words, people hire him to conceptualize, develop and implement strategic marketing pieces that deliver their specific message. Ultimately, the pieces that he designs:

  • attract attention
  • stir interest
  • provide the catalyst necessary to incite action
  • and finally, drive sales!

Yes, ultimately Doug Eymer helps businesses sell products and services –building strong and personable brands during the process.

A flexible team approach.

There are many times that Doug works alone–one-on-one with his clients. There are other times when a specific project requires the assistance of senior-level team members, who like Mr. Eymer, have accumulated years of knowledge and expertise. 

EYMER BRAND Laboratories + Think Tank, business partners include: strategists, copywriters, photographers, illustrators and technologists. All of whom, have created world-class communications vehicles for companies of all type and sizes.

As a client, you will receive expert advice from professionals, who have many hours of experience under their belts, as well as the gray hairs to show it. From the standpoint of your business organization, you are receiving the world-class expertise that you are paying for. 

You are not helping to support an organization drowning in overhead expenses. Nor is your project being handled by a junior-level staff member–fresh from the university! 

You will be meeting with the "Big Cheese".

Despite the long name,
EYMER BRAND Laboratories + Think Tank
is a world-class micro-agency.

There are breweries and wineries that produce and ship massive volumes of mass-marketed beverages. There are other businesses that hand-craft their offerings–cask by cask, keg by keg, bottle by bottle. EYMER is the latter. Every client is different–requiring custom strategic marketing solutions through carefully drawn-out methods of problem-solving.

So how can we get started?

Whether your project is rapidly approaching or 6-months to a year down the road, Doug + team would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about it. If you would prefer more time, please send us your logistical information and we will email pertinent information, from time to time.

There are also several ways to follow EYMER BRAND Laboratories + Think Tank, through social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you would like to browse the constantly enhanced company portfolio, please feel free to click here.

Thanks for spending some time on our site. Please feel free to call Doug anytime (781.383.8844) or drop him an email (

He loves to hear about new and wonderful opportunities.